We assist veterinary surgeons and their advisers in a wide range of topics:

Help with the marketing of the business

On a more competitive market, we would help youcatsmall and your practice to find the right ways to reach your clients and maximise the possibilities in the most ethical way.

  • Design of company brand
  • Design and development of publicity campaigns
  • Use of new technologies (sms, e-mail, webpage)
  • Design and implementation of service survey
  • Design of newsfeed for clients
  • Cross sale seminars

Help with the general Practice management

Our company wants to help with daily topics and because of this we have developed a huge experience designing personalised tools for different areas like:

  • Work protocols
  • Rotas
  • Stock system
  • Job descriptions
  • Informative sheets for clients


Give independent financial advise

We would study the best ways to get your finances back in track. We would look for ways to trim the unnecessary expenses and maximise the profit without affecting the care provided to your clients.


  • Design of tools for the study of revenue and expenses

General Business Advisor

We will help you to improve the profitability of the business, finding where to trim costs, and find the hiding benefits.

  • Market studies
  • Competence studies
  • Research for business opportunities

Human resources issues, including employee manuals, HR audits, hiring/firing, performance evaluations

When you decide to hire a new member of staff, we will go with you through your needs and if requested find the more suitable candidates, so we do all the leg work and you do not have to worry about.

  • Help with integration protocols for each clinic
  • Evaluation programs for employees
  • Pre-selection of candidates

Complaint Management

Unfortunately, every clinic receives complaints about the service, we can help giving a quick response with the help of independent experts on medicine and surgery.

  • Protocol of conflic resolution
  • Design of reports and reply letters for clients

Advise and Independent Audit of Tier Regulations

Before the audit from the RCVS, we will go with you with the law and guide you in case of any doubts or problems Rectify veterinary malpractice and state board proceedings and settlements, including providing expert opinions and serving as expert witness Unfortunately, every practice gets them, we can help you to set up a protocol to have a quick respond and even get independent medical or surgical advise Form, grow and dissolve veterinary partnerships.

If you need advise when you decide to get a new partner, we will look the best conditions for both parties.


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Personalised in House CPD

The whole team has to work as one, providing the same client care standard. For this, we would share our client care, marketing tips with you and your team at your convenience.

Negotiate out of hour services between different practices and work suitable rota

If you decide to provide specialised out of hours service, we will find and negotiate the best option for your practice.

Help with the sale of the business

In case of coming to the decision of selling your business, we will contact experts to get the most accurate valuation and if required, we would represent you in the daunting process of agreeing the best prize.

Settle disagreements among partners, or between practice owners and associates and/or staff

In case of having a misunderstanding, we will try to advise the best way to find a solution for both affected.