January 2011

2011 begins more exciting than ever for Assis VBA Ltd. Several deals fill the year coming with new projects and deals. Highlights.

  • VetPlan; in partnership with the company of the same name, Assis VBA is the technical advisor for all the vets that would join this exciting project. VetPlan is a health program for dogs and cats, which includes booster, worming and flea treatments.., The main aim of the program is to improve owner compliance on regards to prevention medicine for their pets, as well as produce an steady income for the clinics
  • Virbac; a whole series of seminars for veterinarians and nurses will be offered throughout the Spanish geography thanks to the prestigious pharmaceutical company. Topics will relate mainly with human resources and communication at the practice. Visit our webpage regularly for further information about the cities and the dates.
  • Grupo Asis; during the second half of 2011, in collaboration with editorial group Asis, the "Practical Manual about Management of the Veterinary Practice" will be published. If there is a good acceptance, an English version will be considered for 2012.
  • Pfizer, and Assis VBA, in collaboration with Portal Veterinario Argos, will present each month this year with articles related with management of the veterinary clinic. It is expected with this to bring attention towards the topic and help the vets to improve their clinics...
  • CPD Solutions, has rely on Ignacio Mérida Isla, CEO of Assis VBA to deliver a seminar during their autumn season of course in Porst Ellesmere. Topic will be "Client communication", with special incidence on the use of the body language.

We continue working together with “Iniciativas Veterinarias” on the design of Marketing campaigns for the waiting room for the several partners of this group. These regular campaigns (9 a year) will consist on the banners for the waiting room, as well as information for owners and vets.

Together with Virtual Factory, as well, we are working on different marketing projects using new technologies. Like the Proximity Marketing using the “Bluetooth” on the mobile phones to the Design of News for Web pages of the veterinary clinics.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@assisvba.com