About us

Assis is a company created by and for the veterinarians. On the XXIst Century veterinary business has become another commodity that requires the same expertise than any other company. Vet practices do not only need to know to deal with horse, cow, dog, cat, rabbit... problems but also be able to survive on a more and more competitive world.

Unfortunately we spend 5 years studying about medical and surgical problems, but nobody told us how to run a business, manage a team or find the best deal with our drug providers among many other things.

That is why Assis has been created. I qualified as a vet in the year 2000 and after 10 years working as a vet I found that many places lack the abilities to juggle that many problems. Many times managers are brought into the business from other areas and they are unable to understand what beifliergering a vet really means.

I enrolled in a MBA in 2008 with the idea of helping the vets to improve their lives to the same level than doctors, dentists... and other professionals in the health system enjoy, without forgetting the reason were all became vets... the health and care of animals.

Assis provides independent professional advise to vet practices in areas inside and outside the profession. We would help you from things like how to increase your client base, how to advert your practice ethically... to how to stop your staff leaving after a few months.

We know how hectic the vets life is, so we are flexible regarding how to provide advise. We offer a non-strings attached, free of charge, meeting to get to know each other and after that and during the whole process an on-line service support will be available 24/7.

imiI. Mérida Isla MBA DVM MRCVS

Executive Director of Assis VBA Ltd.